Stimpo - a stimulator of growth across a wide spectrum of action, intended for treatment of seeds and spraying of crops of grain, leguminous, technical, fodder, vegetable, melons, grapes, fruit and berry crops, edible mushrooms. Applied also on decorative and forest trees, bushes, flowers and grasses.

Stimpo contributes to accelerated division of plant cells, the development of more powerful root system, increase in the area of leaf surface and chlorophyll content, reduces фитотоксичное action of pesticides, has антимутагенным effect, improves the quality of cultivated production, increases productivity, resistance of plants to diseases and adverse environmental factors (hypothermia, overheating, lack or excess light and moisture).

Growth regulator "Stimpo" - the newest composition preparation of biological origin, in the basis of the action which is based on the synergy of products of biotechnology of cultivation of mushrooms-micromycetes from the root system of ginseng and waste products of bacteria Streptomyces Avermetilis - aversectin. The preparation includes preparation with anti-parasitic action.

In the composition of Stimpo includes unsaturated acids C11-S28, carbohydrates (glucose, ribose, galactose), about 15 amino acids, microelements - ions K, Mn, Mg, Fe, Cu, natural analogues of phytohormones type Cytokinin and Auxin, biogenic trace elements, polyunsaturated fatty acids, responsible for the formation of volatile production and phytoalexins, and aversectin.



  • 20-25 ml per one ton of seeds or 15-20 ml per hectare of crops depending on the culture and level of agricultural background.

Emission class:

  • The drug is according to GOST 12.1.007-76 belongs to the non-toxic substances.

Storage conditions:

  • The preparation should be stored in manufacturer's package in a dry, the dark place at temperatures up to 30°C

A period of storage - 3 years.

Method of application:

biodyne "Stimpo" used in the form of water solution in one mixture with other drugs, prepared-to-day use. It dose when making a ton of seeds or per hectare of crops is small enough, so it is important that the drug was evenly dissolved in the working solution. For this water with biostimulant and other drugs mix thoroughly.

Presowing seed treatment:

treatment of seeds of cereals, sugar beet, corn, technical and other cultures drug Стимпо spend on seed and кукурузокалибровочных factories, and farms. This agricultural procedure is conducted in accordance with the requirements for each culture, safety rules and sanitary standards. These work should be carried out efficiently and quickly, to prevent swelling of seeds and damaging their shells.

Leaf (sheet) processing: crops are sprayed with water solutions of biostimulant jointly with pesticides through boom sprayers or aircraft. Most effective for making the drug are the morning, before 10-11 and evening - after 17. Not recommended spraying of crops with wind speeds above 4 m/S.

Volumes of aqueous solutions of the drug per hectare of crops of field cultures provides instructions to опрыскивателям (250-300 l/ha).

Permitted to decrease the norms of concentration of working solution per hectare when succinct орошениях up to 12-25 l/ha and up to 2.5 l/ha while processing ULV (ультрамалая processing).

Application rate of the preparation Стимпо: for presowing processing of seeds of all crops: 25 ml/t (working solution - 10 l/t);

For the spraying of crops: 20 ml/ha (working solution - 250-300 l/ha).

Recommended introduction phase:


Growth Making phase 

Winter wheat,

barley, winter, spring


- the end of bushing

- exit the tube


- Budding

- Beginning of flowering or simultaneously with phytosanitary treatments


- 5-7 leaf or herbicide

Sunflower, rapeseed  

- 5-7 leaf or herbicide

  1. Treatment - phase full output stems;
  2. Treatment - phase full flowering;
  3. Treatment - after fruiting
Vegetables (open ground)

1 Treatment - Phase 2-4 pairs of true leaves;

2 Treatment - phase closing leaves intercrop


1 Treatment - Phase 2-4 pairs of true leaves;

2 Treatment - Phase Bookmarks hypocotyl


1 Treatment - Phase 2-4 pairs of true leaves;

2 Treatment - beginning of flowering phase

3 treatment - early fruiting


1 Treatment - a day transplanting in open ground;

2 Treatment - phase beginning of flowering;

3 treatment - early fruiting


1 Treatment - a day transplanting in open ground;

2 treatment - in two weeks;

3 Treatment - phase mass ovary heads

Vegetable crops (protected ground)
50 ml per ton of concentrate of the nutrient solution with subsequent breeding water and making under each plant at the beginning of fructification in the amount of 2.5-3 litres per fertilizer according to the technological regulations constantly