Detailed description of the goods: the preparation is a product of biological origin. Characterized by high content of analogues of phytohormones, polyunsaturated fatty acids, responsible for production of volatile production, phytoalexins and chelate forms of biogenic trace elements.

Application: Biolan stimulates growth of a wide spectrum of action, allowed for seed treatment and plant spraying of grain, leguminous, technical, fodder, vegetable, melons, grapes, fruit and berry crops, edible mushrooms. Applied also on decorative and forest trees, bushes, flowers and lawn grasses. Is permitted for use in the private sector.

Mechanism of action: contributes to accelerated cell division, the development of the root system, increase the leaf surface and content of chlorophyll, reduces фитотоксическое action of pesticides, has антимутагенным effect, improves the quality of cultivated production, increases the yield.

Consumption: 20 ml per 1 ton of seeds; 10-15 ml per 1 hectare of crops depending on the culture and level of agricultural background.